Payment Plan:

Option A
Mode Payment-DateCOST(Pounds)COST(Dollars)COST(Naira)
100%On or before 15th of May, 20172,262.002,828.00
Option B (Instalment)
Mode Payment-DateCOST(Pounds)COST(Dollar)COST(Naira)
1st Instalment 50%On or before 31st of March, 20171,1311,414
2nd Instalment 25%On or before 15th of May, 2017565.5707
3rd Instalment 25%On or before 30th of June, 2017565.5707
Account Details
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Note: Only full payment is acceptable for the trip and student whose VISA is out and have not made full payment will not be allowed to travel with the team and the passport will be released after six months.